Craft Brewery

The innovative idea, which rethinks the traditional production processes with the original imprint of individual creativity, is to exploit the primary energy of geothermal energy to produce a craft beer from the heart of Tuscany.

Vapori di Birra is the first brewery in Italy that uses geothermal steam as a primary source of energy, respecting the environment and with the awareness that ecological feeling is a value to be protected. The plant has been appropriately studied and modified to take advantage of the potential offered by geothermal energy, and allows maximum energy savings in the production of heat and minimal environmental impact. In the era of globalization of food products, the return to artisanal production, which brings to the fore the naturalness of raw materials, it is a challenge that we are ready to win..

Sasso Pisano
The scenario that inspired us

Sasso Pisano (PISA), medieval village in the heart of Tuscany, a land of smoking soils where natural manifestations emanate from the earth emitting heat and steam.